We are Verse Group

An independent branding consultancy powered by strategic creators expert in bringing all facets of story to life.

  • We unearth stories through strategic rigor and revealing insights
  • We create stories by leveraging designs that inspire emotion and define vision
  • We build stories that scale and endure through brand architecture, 360 design systems, and engaging employee training and tools.

We are advocates of stories with universal values, stories that transcend form and boundaries, and stories that embody the untapped the emotional potential of business and brands.

We are innovators in the strategic use of narrative, storytelling, metaphors and co-creation for creating new brands and restaging existing brands. We call this Narrative Branding®. This breakthrough approach is discussed at major MBA programs such as Wharton School, Kellogg School of Management and Columbia Business School and in textbooks such as Kotler & Keller’s Marketing Management (14th Edition).