Connecticut Green Bank


  • The Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA) rebranding to become the Connecticut Green Bank.
  • Program marketing and advertising did not tie back to the master brand – CEFIA has little recognition as the driving force behind the innovative green energy projects.
  • Develop a brand architecture and visual system that clearly aligns Connecticut Green Bank to their programs.


  • As the nation’s first green bank, Connecticut Green Bank has the opportunity to define the category.
  • Visual identity must stand out to compete in the space, but also work along side Connecticut Green Bank’s many partners.
  • Connecticut Green Bank’s innovative financing is unlike a bank, and unlike a non-profit. Must speak to target audiences’ emotional and rational needs.


  • Created a visual identity that speaks to the innovative and catalytic nature of the Connecticut Green Bank.
  • Built a brand architecture to tie disparate programs back to the master brand, Connecticut Green Bank
  • Developed a brand promise that conveys rational and emotional benefits with supporting pillars that show how Connecticut Green Bank will deliver on that promise with their unique abilities

-The headlines of these pillars became a tagline for the Connecticut Green Bank to easily express what they do:

Innovate, Educate, Activate to Accelerate the growth of green energy in Connecticut

  • Developed messaging guide and brand guidelines to direct the evolving brand as it moves forward, developing new programs and incorporating new technologies.
  • Helped launch the brand and provide ongoing support as Connecticut Green Bank develops new communications.