ERA Real Estate

  • ERA lawn sign
    ERA lawn sign


  • The real estate market is evolving quickly with adoption of online real estate services such as Zillow, Trulia and StreetEasy.
  • The ERA customers were an aging population, the aim was reach millennial first-time home buyers and build a lasting relationship.
  • ERA was introducing a new of “smarter community” brand strategy – with a greater broker-centric approach to home selling.


  • Modernize the ERA brand identity in a relevant way to signal change, but not too much to render ERA unrecognizable to it’s current customers.
  • Increase visibility for the brokers as real estate is a relationship driven business.
  • Provide unique forms and motifs for the lawn signage to aid recognition and legibility.


  • Created a visual identity that modernizes the look and feel of ERA Real Estate.
  • Furthering the streamlined notion of the house in the new symbol, while integrating the ERA name within the logo
  • Provide a broker-led visual system to help franchisees further build on their relationships with homeowners.
  • Attract more brokers to sign up with ERA and to bring their trusted relationships with them.
  • Helped launch the brand and provide ongoing support as ERA develops new franchisee relations hips.