Lockheed Martin

  • Lockheed Martin Centennial tradeshow 01
    Lockheed Martin Centennial tradeshow, is this the Stem one?

100 Years of Accelerating Tomorrow


  • Lockheed Martin branding was unchanged during 8 years of tremendous change.
  • Many of Lockheed Martin projects are top-secret, limiting the types of stories the company can share.
  • In this centennial year, will adding a Centennial story fragment overall communications?


  • Customers want the benefits of innovation. But Lockheed Martin had lost its reputation for innovation to brands like Apple, Google and IBM.
  • Upcoming centennial was an unparalleled opportunity to reclaim the innovation mantle


  • Deep dive into category by re-analysis of customer research and company history
  • Brand strategy to focus primary marketing and internal communications on Lockheed Martin’s 100 year track-record of innovations that lead to customer achievements
  • Simply saying “innovation” is not differentiating. Create a fresh way to tell Lockheed Martin’s legendary approach to innovation – a dynamic, accelerating cycle of innovations leading new breakthroughs
  • Activate the Lockheed Martin logo as a visual metaphor for accelerating innovation. Extend into a bold new visual identity system.
  • Create the primary Centennial applications.
  • Disseminate the Centennial brand story through online tools and templates; and agency partner consultations
  • Exceeding expectations on employee engagement
  • Strong customer responses